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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Breaking apart the world of hidden desires....Ella Dominguez

Having been a writer for three years now, Ella Dominguez has faced the many challenges of indie publishing/writing head on.  She is unafraid to challenge the status quo of propriety through her writing and does so eloquently!

Her works are almost too many to name here, but having had the chance to read a few of them, I'm floored.  One of these was 'Altered State'.



A psychological thriller with a touch of eroticism. Stand-alone novel. 

Warning: Contains detailed sexual encounters & profanity. Intended for readers aged 18+. 

Beauty lies in the truth. 

A wife with a thirst for revenge desperately trying to save her marriage while hiding in the shadows of her memories... A woman with questionable intentions, a sketchy past and a taste for unavailable men... A husband in love with his wife, a man mesmerized by his mistress, a willing hostage caught between two obsessive women. 

A murderer, a liar and a cheater. You think you know which one is which, but nothing is as it seems. After all, everyone wears a mask. Some are just better at hiding the truth than others. 

Lies will be exposed. Truths revealed. Blood shed. All in the name of something far more potent than love and much more toxic.

Reading this book made me feel like I was riding one of those extreme roller coasters you see on YouTube.  Just as you are getting used to being flung in one direction, the track shifts again and you're doing some serious loop-d-loops!  The blurb is a solid one, but I don't think any blurb could ever prepare you for the enormity and the epic writing Dominguez has achieved.

Another book by Dominguez is 'Tennessee Moonshine'.  Originally, this book was part of an anthology born of *slightly* intoxicated conversation during an after-party at a book signing in Orange Beach, Alabama.  
Synopsis:Contains adult themes and elements of eroticism. Intended for mature readers aged 18+ May trigger past memories of loss. 

Everyone finds comfort in something different, for Dustin, it's decorating his flesh and brewing moonshine. Businessman by day, he hides his passion for ink beneath a suit, but when he meets a beautiful stranger at a local tattoo shop who then shows up at his place of business, there's no hiding his attraction for her. Sparks fly when they give into their desires, but it's only when they learn to let the past go that they find comfort in one another.

For more novels and novellas by Ella Dominguez, visit her Amazon author page:  http://www.amazon.com/Ella-Dominguez/e/B008XRLROU/