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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Release Day!! Alabama Sweet Tea by SC Hutchinson

Alabama Sweet


               It had been ten years since Christi Jörgenson set foot in her hometown. She was seventeen when an event happened in her life that forced her into making a decision between her own survival and being forced into a marriage that she didn't want. There was just too much at stake. She wanted a career, a life, and most importantly, freedom of choice.
                As she stood in the doorway of her childhood home with her black travel suitcase filled with a week's worth of clothes, she looked around. Nothing had changed since the day she left all of those years ago other than the fact that now, her father was gone from congestive heart failure. She was certain that even after her mother died five years ago from cancer, her father had taken over and insisted on keeping everything exactly the same. Routine was important to her mother. Though her mom was a stay at home mom, she ran her home as if she were the CEO of a major fortune 500 with her strict schedule. Christi remembers her mom always saying, “Routine creates comfort. If you know that you're going to do the same thing every day exactly the same way, then you know that you're safe.” Christi couldn't stand it. She needed change once in a while.
                 The funeral was in three days. 

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Alabama Sweet Tea