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Monday, January 25, 2016

Shattered by Haven Anne Lennox


A battered woman.  Redemptive love so close within her grasp.  Decisions to be made.  Rain Childs is the wife of Tyler Childs—abusive husband.  Will she ever be free of him, or will death be the only way out? (Shattered:  A Broken Reflection of Love—dark book with psychological elements and graphic scenes depicting the life of a battered spouse).


Shattered:  A Broken Reflection of Love (Book One of ‘The Twisted Fate Series). 
Love is blind, right? Well, it's especially blind when you've got two black eyes and they're swollen shut. Raine knows this all too well. Sometimes, the beatings are so bad that she welcomes death. She longs for it. She just doesn't have the guts to do it herself. She thinks she deserves it. Rather the loving sound of a husband's beating heart as he lays next to her in bed, her home is filled with the sound of the flesh of his fists making contact with her bones.

However, Raine doesn't realize that not ALL men aren't abusive women-haters. Her blackened eyes have kept her from seeing real love--right under her bleeding and broken nose. The man that truly deserved her heart and would treat her like the beautiful soul she is--Liam.
Liam has been in love with her since he first laid his eyes on her. He knows better than to try to force an abused woman to leave their spouse before they're truly ready, but he knows he is running out of time as the beatings are getting worse and worse. Still, he remains steadfast in doing what he can to save her, though he feels it isn't enough.
Will Liam get to her before her soul and body are truly broken forever? Will he be able to save her, or are his efforts in vain? Only time will tell...

Book Info:

Title: Shattered:  A Broken Reflection of Love
Author: Haven Anne Lennox
Official Launch Date: October 18, 2015
Publication Date:  October 18, 2015
Digital Price: $1.99
Paperback Price:  $9.99
Pages: 246

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