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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Author Charlotte Winters Interview: Where You Can Watch!

Goodnight Sweetheart
by:  Charlotte Winters

The year is 1957. Deep in the heart of Merigold, Mississippi, two hearts were stitched together by faith as two people who had never before seen one another laid their eyes on their future at Sunflower Plantation. Giving glory to God above during their courtship, James Winters and Mary Jane Parttridge began the first days of the next fifty seven years together---and their love still remains. 
"What God hath put together, let no man tear assunder..." 


Excerpt: "The most difficult life event I have ever had to face occurred on January 11, 2015. My precious father, devoted husband to my mother, terrific and devoted grandfather to my children and grandchildren, dedicated friend to so many, and most of all servant of God and servant to those in need succumbed to the effects of chemotherapy following stomach cancer surgery. Words could not describe the huge hole left in my heart at the absence of the wonderful man I look so much like. How would I ever go on without his presence in my life, his jokes that kept family and friends laughing and wanting more, his love and kindness he so graciously extended to everyone he encountered? Looking back, I know my reliance upon God, His Holy Spirit's presence, and support of prayer and encouragement from friends and family helped me gradually pick up and put the broken pieces of this Daddy's girl heart back together." 

Charlotte Winters, the author, will be interviewed on her local news station in Mississippi (WXVT) on Valentine's Day evening at 10:00 PM (CST)!