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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Blogs, Blogs, and More Amazing Blogs!!!!!!

Hello, all!!

As a blogger, I realize there is absolutely ZERO possibility of being able to share something about EVERY SINGLE book out there--no matter how awesome that book might be!  However, there IS something I can do.  I can share with you links to a couple other blogs that I find amazing!

The first blog is a blog that belongs to the PA of SC Hutchinson.  Like SC Hutchinson, though, she does not believe in focusing on the one author (or herself).  This is why SC Hutchinson has given her the role of her PA.  They both have similar values and seek to destroy the negative stigma in regard to the indie author community--one such stigma is that indie authors are 'publishing house rejects'.  Many indie authors have constructed absolutely amazing stories that are well-edited, well-formatted, and absolutely stunning in every respect.  A few examples of authors like this are (click on the names to be directed to their Amazon author page): 
There are so many authors to name, and I could literally go on forever like new and upcoming authors like Haven Anne Lennox, KM Cox, and C.E Strother.    Some have their top 5.  We here at Breaking the Barriers have our top 100.  Maybe one day, we'll make a post about our top 100 authors or do 100 authors in 30 days spotlight.  Who knows?  You'll just have to keep in touch with us to find out!

On to the blogs...

The first blog, as previously mentioned, belongs to Shannon White--SC Hutchinson's PA.  Here is the link:  http://somanybookboyfriendssolittletime.blogspot.com/

It's a newer blog (very new), but Shannon has been a bibliophile for a long time!  She reads and reviews books, but you'll have to message her directly in regard to her availability.

The second blog is called 'The Chronic Romantic' and has been in operation for quite some time.   Here's the link:  http://thechronicromantic.blogspot.com/  

Much like our own blog, The Chronic Romantic shares/reviews books regardless of genre.

So, if you're looking for something to fill that TBR of yours, look no further.  Between Breaking the Barriers, The Chronic Romantic, and So Many Book Boyfriends..., you'll never run out of anything to read again!