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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Karen Rouillard

I grew up writing. Poems were the first and then I ventured into romance. I have enjoy fantasy the most. It allows your imagination full reign. You can write about unknown lands and mystical being and allow yourself to dream. Being a writer isn't everything to me but it is a part that makes me who I am.
I enjoy spending time with my family and living in the country is absolutely the best place to live. Quiet times outside with the dogs is probably my favorite.

Karen's Books:

Stasha’s Cure
Stasha has just finished with a project that has taken her years. The cure for cancer was now available. After her mother's death, this moment was all she thought about since then. She never thought that she would find the right man at an airport going home for a much needed rest. 
Philip thought falling in love at first sight was for fools. Now he had to deceive her. Would she ever forgive him and will he be able to save her from a dream that is real?

Franny’s Way
She always heard on the news of horrible things going wrong. She was nurse in New York and experienced her own strange things that came into the hospital but she never thought she would become the story. Now she must save not only herself but the baby they stole off her floor. 
Brad has to race against time to save them but will he make it? To finally find the woman of his dreams to have her taken from him was something he was not going to except. He will find her and whoever took her.

A Mother’s Love
Mr Nevo Blok is well known in Russia. One of the richest bachelors Russia had to offer. Stasha, Franny and the children have been summoned by this stranger. When they find out why, they had to go. 
Philip and Brad were not going to let their wives go alone. this had to do with the children and the last two experiences put them both on high alert. 
Will Lisa be able to come out of this unscathed or will her heart be taken.

Surviving Parenthood
This book is a guideline for the parents who are staring out and the ones who are already there. It gives you helpful hints on how to get through the great times and the not so great times. Being a parent is the most wonderful thing that you can do but we all need help along the way.

Being Alive
Lisa walked into the resort and looked at him from across the lobby. His body was the body every woman dreamed of. His eyes pulled her in and his smile melted her heart. She was going to get to know this man who stood behind the reservations desk.
Was it her hair, the rich brown long strands or the slim build of her body that he watched as each man in the lobby turned to look at? No it was the amber eyes that stole his heart. The touch of her skin like velvet. His heart was gone in that small moment in time.

The Sword and the Seven Stones Series
As the old man’s hands pulled back the worn leather, Alman looked at what lay within. He reached out and touched the finest of steel. Imbedded in the hilt, a perfect diamond. Upon accepting the sword, Alman had to go where no one ever dare go before. He needs to pass mountains where some never return from. Will the fires keep him safe along the way and keep whatever is lurking in the shadows at bay? Will he live to save the others? His father’s Kingdom depended on him. What magic were they dealing with?
Nicholis the king of Maramar regretted the words as soon as they left his lips. He knew his only son could be rebellious and now he knew that he would have to send men to keep him safe.  The storm stayed steady and as the four of them walked into his great hall, he took one look at Madeline, the village girl he has taken in and knows who she would be perfect for. 

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