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Friday, February 26, 2016

Review of 'Lyrick's Run' by CE Strother

A unique shifter tale!
This book drew me in with its unique perspective, first of all. Lyrick, unknowingly a wolf shifter, has her world come tumbling down around her, which prompts her first change. Confined to wolf form to avoid the trauma experienced in her human life, Lyrick faces a unique coming of age challenge when she is adopted by a tribe of fellow shifters and returned to human life.
Beyond the intriguing storyline, Lyrick's run engages in themes of family, love, excitement, and danger. Lyrick's love interest, Dakota, battles demons of his own and has heat and intensity to match Lyrick on every front. The characters depend on each other and help the storyline progress with their goals, problems, and histories.
This book is a great read; engaging and interesting. These characters are easy to love and care about. I'm looking forward to book two being even better!!