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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Review of 'The Ambassador and Me: Part Deux' by Mia Villano

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Isabella has walked away from the family business to start a career that she always wanted. In doing so, she has met Fabrice, the French Ambassador and the man that has changed her life. But her insecurities and constant longing for happiness, has caused Isabella to second guess her decisions. 
Their passion is strong, hardly controllable, and deeply sensual. Fabrice is everything Isabella could want in a man, in and out of bed. Or is he? 
When Fabrice must go to Paris, a vindictive ex-girlfriend causes more problems and more insecurities for Isabella to deal with. Along with her sisters shocking confession, her ex-boyfriend, and an illness of someone close to her, Isabella questions everything in her life, including her love for Fabrice. 
Can they overcome it all and be together, or will something rock their world again? 
Paris, The Ambassador and Me is the second book in the Ambassador Trilogy. 
For Mature Audiences only 

Our Review:

Mia Villano did it again with this one.  Perfect tension between the two main characters, flawless execution, and intriguing plot.  However, the only drawback is that it seems that Isabella has went stagnant on growth.  Still, she acts like the petulant child rather than a 26 year old woman.  It has me asking some questions like:

Why doesn't she understand that life with a public figure is subject to twisted words or situations when tabloids are around?  She knows that Fabrice's ex-girlfriend is super vindictive, so why doesn't she suspect that evil hag (my interpretation as I wanted to throat punch this douche canoe and wonder WTF he ever saw in her to begin with) is behind some if it, especially if these events happen almost directly AFTER the ex THREATENS her?  

Personally, I would have liked to have seen more from Isabella in regard to this.  If she wasn't going to learn from the events in book one, why?

As for the supportive characters--Avery, Isabella's family, Jean, and the others--I feel the author did a PERFECT job of showing how they affected the main character.  I'm hoping the intent of the author was to use the sheltered background of Isabella's childhood as the reason for the slow down in her character development; but then again after what Isabella's ex boyfriend did, you'd think that she was a little wiser about the world or maybe a little more pragmatic.   

Aside from my questions, I do believe that this was a wonderfully written book.  No two readers are going to interpret an author's words the exact same way.  The only reason this book caused me to ask these questions is that book one had a steady pace when it came to Isabella realizing a few things, but it just seemed that book 2 had her forgetting those lessons altogether.

My rating:  4.75 stars
Recommendation:  10 of 10 (as long as you've read the first)