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Monday, March 21, 2016

Review of RS Broadhead's 'Reckoning'

Okay, Ms. Broadhead, I hate you.  I hate you to the moon and back.  I hate you all the sand on the beach.  Why, you ask?  At first, Book 2's opening really didn't catch my interest.   It did provide great background, which is essential.  However, my initial thought was somewhere along the lines of, "OMG, get to it already!".  What can I say?   I'm not a patient person.  Lol.   I'm noticing a trend in your writing structure, which is okay now that I know what to expect from you as an author.  It's your style.  Got it. 

Once I got beyond the second chapter, it finally picked up where the second to the last chapter of book 1 left off.  I was dying to know what happened and glad I had the opportunity to review both of these books.  

For those reading this blog to check for book recommendations, if you like paranormal suspense thrillers with lots of romantic tension, I highly recommend both 'Unveiled' and 'Reckoning'.  

Final Rating:  5 stars
Recommendation rating:  10