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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Breaking the Barrier's Review of Enigma by Ditter Kellen


Doctor Abbigail Sutherland is used to being alone. Between twelve hour shifts at the hospital and looking after her eccentric father, she has very little time for much else. Until an unexpected call one night, sends her racing to the lab where she discovers a secret that could change the world forever.
Hauke awakens after an underwater explosion, strapped to a bed and on his way to a site known as Area 51. His only hope for survival lies in Abbie Sutherland, the beautiful doctor that saved his life. Amidst a deadly virus, seemingly impossible to stop, and a corrupt Government placing a price on their heads, Hauke and Abbie run for their lives, uncovering conspiracies, deceptions, and a love that won't be denied...

When I read a new book, I tend to be optimistic about how it is written.  I try to avoid thinking about who the author is and listen to their voice through the words they have written.  If Ditter Kellen's writing is any indication of her voice, I would beg for a string quartet to be placed behind her and all of her grandeur recorded for posterity.  

I will admit freely that as I began reading 'Enigma', it was not what I thought it was and that disappointed me slightly.  I almost became frustrated with it and was ready to scream, but that is because I often get what I expect from books.  It is usually fairly easy for me to identify and accurately predict the progression and even the ending.   Then again at this point, I had only had a few hours of sleep in a frame of forty-eight hours and was not entirely myself.  So, I put the book down, got some sleep, and looked again with fresh eyes.  

Before I continue, I need to say something.  It is very obvious that Ditter Kellen is not your average writer.  She has a very unique voice and like a fine wine to someone who has never tasted a drop, requires an adjustment of having a truly open mind.  To read her work, one must have zero expectations or predictions of what you *think* will happen.

Now, to continue my review:  I picked the book back up after a solid 6 hours of sleep and opened my mind.  I did something I rarely do--let the author lead the story.  As I peeled back the layers of the great lotus that was 'Enigma', I could not help but to stand in awe as to what I was reading.  Ditter Kellen did not miss a beat with this one.  There was just enough mystery, intrigue, and suspense wrapped up in this story.  If ever there was a perfect mash-up of genres, this is it.  Though it is classified as 'Science Fiction', I can't agree that it truly is a science fiction type novel because of this.  Besides, I really don't care for science fiction and I LOVED this book!!!  I can't even properly express the love and adoration for this book alone.  

The character development was flawless, but I would LOVE to know more about Abigail's Uncle Tony.  His character intrigued me more than anyone else, to be quite honest.  An ex-CIA man with PTSD flashbacks, someone who has suppressed his entire emotional response to life, this man is bound to explode.   My sick and twisted brain wants to see the carnage.  I only hope he is pointed in the right direction.  I also want to know more about this Miguel guy and how Hauke's father came to know him.  Abigail's father?  Oh, I wanted to slap that man several times, but after the death of his wife to cancer, one must wonder -- what demons is HE hiding deep inside?  

So, to avoid the possibility of spoiling the book for you, I'll leave you with this--my rating:


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