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Saturday, May 7, 2016


Torn Decisions by SC Hutchinson (Use Coupon Code: AG57C)

Life is hard for Maddie and Melissa, especially with their parents gone. Maddie is a teen struggling to make her way in the world, but with little regard for the world around her. 

Melissa is a nurse who has everything she could want while taking care of her sister---except love. There's no time for such foolishness in Melissa's life until one day, a handsome doctor takes an interest in her. 

Everything seems too good to be true, but the good doctor isn't the ONLY one with secrets. 

Enter a world with vampires, faeries, secrets, and trouble...

Coupon Code:  AG57C

Coupon lasts until July 1, 2016.  All Rights Reserved.  Please don't support piracy.  Support the author instead.  

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