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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sunday Author Spotlight--K.M Cox

K.M Cox

Growing up, she came from a strict Italian family. There was no sex before marriage and even talking about sex was taboo.   She listened to that, never going farther with boys than she knew she was supposed to. I was the good girl always listening to her parents.

But even the 'good girls' need to have a little fun. Soon, she started sneaking erotica into her room, reading late at night underneath the covers. The books helped her realize her own fantasies and that's when she began to write her own stories, typing scandalous word after scandalous word until her brain was hot and her body hotter.
 Follow her into her world of jaw dropping, lip biting, skin tingle stories that are-- 




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Emory is your typical twenty-three year old woman. She goes to school, hands out with her friends, and has a crush on the cute boy in her Law class.

But not everything meets the eye. Behind closed doors, Emory is a huntress; she is determined to avenge her parent's death.

With the guidance of her Pop, Emory takes down each of her targets one by one. Everything is going fine until Emory meets Caleb, her new target.

He is tall, buff, and sexy as hell. He makes Emory laugh and he's the only one that seems to see the real her.

​Emory knows that she has to kill him eventually...but that doesn't mean she can't have some fun with him first.