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Saturday, June 25, 2016

FREE Books by SC Hutchinson

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A secret lies in wait for over a decade. A tortured past comes to the surface while murder rocks the sleepy little town of Landers, Wyoming. James Ashton is a police detective from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. A traditional southern man complete with lack of social graces, he decides it’s time for a fresh start after his wife leaves him for his best friend. A game of darts chooses his fate while he is deciding on where to go. Before the ink dries on the divorce papers, he packs up and transfers into the police department in Landers, Wyoming. After her sister commits suicide, Melody Quinn decides that she needs the quiet life after having served in the Marines where she did two tours in Afghanistan, trained with the FBI at Quanitico, Virginia, and worked with the Los Angeles Police Homicide Department. She knew she needed to get away for a while. Her captain agreed with her. After contacting his old Army buddy in Landers, Wyoming, he arranged the transfer for Melody effective immediately. Unbeknownst to her, life would not be as quiet as she hoped. Not long after Ashton and Quinn arrive, murder rocks the sleepy little mountain town as bodies start appearing. As it turns out, the killer is right under their noses…or is he?


A Sweet Southern Romance, lawyer, 18+ BBW contemporary romance novel, with a cliffhanger ending. Short read less than 90 minutes, short read less than 100 pages, a sexy new family saga series from SC Hutchinson After ten years, Christi thought she left Alabama and all it represented behind. Her life was great. She loved her job, loved her friends, and loved city life. Brian has become quite a success as an attorney. His opponents cower before him and do everything to avoid facing him in an actual court room. Ten years ago, his life changed. She disappeared from his life, but not from his heart. She is the one 'case' he could never crack. Now, she has returned home to bury her father and settle his estate. Is this his chance? Will he find answers to his questions? Alabama Sweet Tea has been described by beta readers as: "...a probing and emotionally gripping story of dark secrets revealed, second chances, and the power of love..."

 Life is hard for Maddie and Melissa, especially with their parents gone. Maddie is a teen struggling to make her way in the world, but with little regard for the world around her. Melissa is a nurse who has everything she could want while taking care of her sister---except love. There's no time for such foolishness in Melissa's life until one day, a handsome doctor takes an interest in her. Everything seems too good to be true, but the good doctor isn't the ONLY one with secrets. Enter a world with vampires, faeries, secrets, and trouble...


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