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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday Author Spotlight ******J.L Baldwin********

J.L. Baldwin was born in 1990 in a small country town in Virginia, where she spent most of her time reading books and dreaming of fantasy worlds and book boyfriends that she grew so accustomed to. Growing up in a conservative family, she was always afraid of putting herself out there and showing the world who she truly is when it came to writing. J.L has always had a love of reading but it wasn't until she dove into the wonderful world of Fifty Shades of Grey that she really spread her wings and discovered the beautiful artful writing of Erotica Romance.
Well, that time of hiding out in her bedroom and sneak-reading the smutty romance has since passed and she published her first book, Unbound Faith in December of 2015 and is now working on more books to continue on in her debut saga.

What if everything you've ever known and grew up with was suddenly a lie?

When you have faith, and believe that it will work out for the best, what do you have to lose? Nothing because nobody can predict the outcome so it's best to just let it be. I could tell you this tale has a happy ending. But then that would be a lie. That's all I've ever known, are lies.

Fifteen years ago, my family did something terrible. Something that cost my father his life. Nothing prepared me for that one fateful day that I would have to pay for what my family did.

Then he came along. The gorgeous bartender with all his tattoos, muscles and everything else that would make a girl fall to her knees was right there, and he wanted me. Zac was everything I could have wanted. Tall, dark and handsome, swooping in like prince charming...but that wasn’t the case. You see, a hero comes in all kinds of different ways. Zac wasn't your average hero, but he was my hero when I needed him the most. From the moment I met him, I was enraptured. Taken by his soft blue eyes that gripped my soul and didn’t let go.

God help me.

WARNING: Contains sexual content, explicit language and adult situations. Also includes one very demanding private investigator. ;) Must be 18+ Additional Warning! There is a cliffhanger at the end of this book.