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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday Author Spotlight: The Indie World (In A Nutshell) Part One!

Today, I thought I'd change it up a little bit.  As an author, blogger, cover designer, editor, and ghostwriter, I have seen many sides to the world of indie publishing.  So today, I thought instead of showcasing a specific author, I would open a discussion about YOUR view of the indie publishing world and the state of affairs as it is today.  So, I have some questions and statements.

 When an author tells a story, he or she is giving the world something that not even the closest members of that author's family gets--a deeper insight into themselves.  You see, those with a creative mind tend to have many internal struggles.  Many battle depression, anxiety, addictions, or a combination of other issues.  Many also have families, whether it be spouses and children or simply parents, brothers, and sisters.  You see, authors are human, just like you are.  We put on our clothes, shop for groceries, fold laundry, and pay bills.  We love and we love deeply, sometimes too much.  But when an author writes, especially fiction, he or she creates a world and people that are a part of themselves.  Take, for an example, J.K Rowling's Harry Potter.  J.K Rowling was a single mom and had fallen on hard times when she decided to create Hogwart's, Harry, Ron, and Hermione.  If you get to know Ms. Rowling, you'll see that each of her characters are made up of pieces of her.  Maybe Harry's willingness to continue fighting even when the odds are stacked against him resembles Rowling's desire to fight even when she had hit rock bottom.  What do you think?

I know that when I create a character, I am taking a piece of me that I need to either release or embrace.  Some of my characters are the darkest pieces of my soul, made up of all those negative feelings, thoughts, and images that one cannot stop from popping into one's head.  Other characters are the best side of me, or the 'me' that I wish I could be.  That is not to say that I regret my life as it is.  We all have the life we saw for ourselves as children and young adults, but sometimes things change.  We fall in love and begin wanting something different, but not less.  That doesn't mean we stopped wanting what we desired in the first place.  It just means that in order to have the love we desire and that is right in front of us, we must make compromises as the one we love will compromise for us.  So, an author's character is a way for the author to live vicariously through them.  In our imaginations, we still get to have the life we originally planned AND have the life we have.

Bloggers are something altogether different.  Bloggers are just people who love reading and love books so much that they do everything they can to share the books that make a profound impact on them with the entire world.  I created MY blog because I wanted to direct people back to a love of reading.  In a world where the state of affairs as it is, being fueled with violence, confusion, hatred, and fear, don't you think that maybe something as peaceful as reading--an escape from this world--should be shared?  

There's a saying that if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day.  But if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.  I can do you one better.  If you tell a man a fact, you teach him what to think.  If you teach a man to read, you teach him HOW to think.  

How do you like them apples?  Made you think for a second, didn't I?  Well, that was kind of the point.  

Please feel free to comment, share, and tell me what you're thinking.  Tell me about your favorite books.  Tell me what you're reading.  Tell me about an author that you think I should feature.

You see, I have a PA and she is also my friend.  She's wonderful at both.  I try not to overstep my bounds and take up too much of her time as a PA, but I enjoy her friendship above all else.  I also have my circle.  If you ever decide that you have story to tell, find people in the book world.  Get advice.  Get to know bloggers.  Get to know other authors, not to advance your writing career but to make new friends who are great people.

Leave reviews for the books that you love, even for the books that you only kind of like.  If you hated it, ask yourself why before writing that review.  Did you hate it because it wasn't your favorite genre or did the author seriously not think it through before publication?  If it was the latter, go ahead and be honest, but there's no need for name-calling.  Just state your thoughts and make sure others know it's your opinion.  Let others make up their own mind.  Someone  trash is always someone else's treasure, and that goes for books.  If you think it's trash, someone else could think it's the best thing since Stephen King's Langoliers!

Above all else, be good to each other.  Enjoy the escape from this brutal reality and don't be afraid to interact and get to know bloggers, authors, readers, PA's, and just your basic fans.  We're all quite fun!!!