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Monday, December 26, 2016

We're Back!!!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  I took the 21st -26th off to spend time with family during this holiday.  I hope you did not mind.  With the passing of my father in October, these were the first holidays that my family spent without him.  I've spent time trying to contemplate a few things for the new year.  I hope you will be pleased with the changes the new year will bring.  2016 has sucked balls with the death of loved ones, favorite famous people, and with the hatred between the people of the world during this (the election year for the United States), I have seen far too much and have decided that I want to do MY small part in trying to bring relief to as many as I can through the love of reading.

Books are a passion of mine.  That's why I write them.  That's why I promote them.  And that's why I believe our society should get back to the basics of reading---to read for fun and to educate one's self.

Beginning tomorrow, 12/27/16, there will be a slew of posts about books, promoting books from fellow authors, and I will also be setting up a few reviews.

Periodically, I will do a feature on a fellow author or event signing.  With the signing feature, I will talk about upcoming events as I find them and only promote those that are believed to be organized by reputable event organizers.