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Saturday, February 4, 2017

****Dark Reads by C.E Strother****

Amazon US:  https://www.amazon.com/Betrayed-Lust-Lustful-Souls-Book-ebook/dp/B01GKE8W1I

Synopsis:  High school sweethearts. True love turned bitter.

Adeline has given up everything for her husband, Corey. He's her soul mate. At least, she thought he was.

Late nights have turned into all-nighters. Calls to check in have lessened. And Adeline just can't figure out where they went wrong.


She finds a piece of paper that reveals one of her husband's many sins. Fueled by anger and pain, Adeline sets out to get answers. But can she handle what she is about to see?

Hearts have turned cold. Vengeance has whispered her sweet nothings. Withered love can make you do strange things...

Synopsis: She's been betrayed. Now's the time for punishment. Nothing is the same. It will never be the same...

Adeline is ready to start her new life as Raven after murdering her husband in hot blood. A new look, a new town, a new name, but the drive to quench the fire of vengeance is unchanged.

Men are slaves to her body, people are unaware of the evil lurking beneath her sexy exterior. Will Adeline be able to become the luscious sword of revenge she envisions herself to be? Or will her path end in her own blood instead of the blood of the unfaithful, lustful men she hunts?

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